Sunday, October 31, 2004

Gallery Only - Doodles

Things I doodle. And put together. I doodle many things. Here is about 5%.

Alex Parks

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Yunaaaaaa -

From Final Fantasy X2. Legitimate sequel, or fanboy calendar material? You decide.

Also: If you don't know what Final Fantasy is, then get the hell out now.

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Horsey bookmark - For my best friend. If you look closely, you will see that I managed to put the shading on the horn ON TOP of the horn, instead of UNDERNEATH, which is where shadow traditionally goes. The shadow is in fact on the same side as where the light is coming from. I, um, have no excuse save for blatant inattentiveness.

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Artpad Stuff. Below are links.



Visser Three.

Terrible Andalite doodles on my paper that I'm meant to be revising on -

If you don't know what an Andalite is, they are a fictional alien species from the books series Animorphs by KA Applegate. In other words, I'm not mad, they do exist somewhere, and they are meant to look like that.

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This is an optical illusion, an oldish one. You need to look at it, and tell me what you see.

Note: I didn't design or invent this, I just drew it. The original illusion was done by someone called Sandro Prete. The other day I felt the overwhelming urge to sit down and draw something in pencil, so I decided to replicate the illusion and see if I could do it myself. Viola. It's a little rushed, but oh well.

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Now. You will probably look at it and see two lovers, in a bottle. But if you show this drawing to young children, they will see nine dolphins, and not two lovers. Children and adults see different things in this drawing.

This is because young children have not yet developed the mental schema of two lovers. They don't know what they are, so they don't see the image. They see dolphins instead.

Adults see the two lovers first, then they see the dolphins. Often, adults need prompting to see them. I did. Can you see the dolphins? There are nine of them. Look at the black spaces between the man and the woman.

If you can't see them still, turn the picture sideways. If you cannot see the dolphins no matter what you do, then you are a horny bastard, with a one track mind, and should consult your doctor as of immediately.

That, or my shading skills are sub standard. Hmm. I hope it's not because of the second one.
Disclaimer: Should you decide to show this drawing to any nearby young children/neices/nephews/sons/daughters/any young person in range, and should they not see the dolphins, but instead see nekked people, and consequentially have unanswered questions as to the contents and meaning of this picture and come to you with the questions, I take no responsibility, dumbass. Good luck!

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I did this ages ago, and be warned, it's terrible. I drew it for a competition to design a book cover for an upcoming werewolf book. While drawing it, I was crushed under the knowledge that only ten entries could be accepted, and there were already six odd in when I started drawing, so at any moment while creating it, the maximum number of entries could be reached and I could waste my time and lose my chance to enter. This is the reason why it took me one and a half days to draw, which is like the speed of light for me. Basically, it's rushed, hence how awful it is.

I like the background. But the 'wolves' look like foxes. Cute ones, at that. *shudder* and anyone who knows me, will know that 'cute' is not a term you apply to what I draw. Bah. Humbug. Bah humbug one and all.

I didn't win, I came third, and the first and second places were the ones who won the prize. How annoying is that? I got beat by the bastards with photoshop and no concept of real media.

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Blogger Charlie said...

Yey for Raevyn's doodlings! And I like the one Mr. Fixed did for you too *nods*

2:20 pm  
Blogger Bryony said...

I am fast becoming a fan of your artistic talents...need...more...

Your work is so delightfully edible

That made no sense. Take it as a compliment!

5:31 pm  
Blogger Nero said...

amazing ideas :)

5:41 pm  

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