Friday, January 13, 2006

I am always right for crap's sake

People should listen to me more. Why? Because I am always right. No really. This take the piss, it really does.

Like, years ago, Mum's computer stopped running properly, and I had a look at it, and determined that there was no memory left on the computer, the C drive, the only memory drive, was full. And you know how this stops a computer running properly? But Mum kept telling me that it wasn't working because I had put a virus on it. There was no virus on it. I showed her the properties of the C Drive and pointed at it, but that wasn't proof enough. She gave me craploads of hassle for apparantly infecting her computer with a virus that was screwing it up even though I hadn't. It kept saying onscreen 'C Drive is currently full. Please clear some space on it, so the computer can resume normal functions' or somthing like that. It was a bit of a giveaway.

And then we got someone to look at it and he said that it needed extra memory. He put it on, and then it worked okay. Did I get an aplogoy? Nope.

There was no reason whatsoever, it's just that my Mum thinks that she knows more than me, that's it. Which, is all well and good, if she actually did. She regularly says things like "Are you downloading files from one computer to another?" when she means transferring. When I mentioned putting spyware onto my computer, she went "Oh no, you can't do that, then people will be able to look into your computer! Don't do it, you stupid girl." She doesn't know the difference in between hardware and software, and has just tried to convince me that the high temperatures that the computer can sometimes reach, are actually affecting the software, and because of this, the CD ROM drive isn't working. And she is like 'You are wrong, and I am right.'


Help me.

So the CD ROM drive does not work, and I know why. It is because there is some kind of software fault, not a hardware fault. I know this, because it stopped working after I downloaded a software file, and also, I plugged an external CD ROM drive into it. And it refused to accept it. If it was a hardware problem, it would not have done that. It's PROOF! That, is PROOF that it's a software problem! But Mum has no proof, no knowledge, only wild speculations, and she is just 'I'm right you're wrong I'm right you're wrong' over and over.

So we sent it away to Toshiba, and they sent back a cover letter explaining the problem. That the CD ROM is not working because of software issues.

....why does no one listen to me? I hate computers but I know more than you do. Oh look I was right, why are you surprised by this?

Now she is on the phone to someone in ISTANBUL, to talk about a computer that was manufactured in JAPAN and bought in ENGLAND. And she is shouting at the bloke that the computer over heating of the computer has messed up the software. Like, the physical state of the computer affects the 1s and 0s... This is hurting my brain.

You know what's worse than loud people shouting at you? Loud people shouting at you who don't have a first clue waht they are they are talking about. Now she is asking me to prove that the temperature of the computer is NOT affecting the software before she will consider the possiblilty that I might be right. She won't, but never mond that. The sheer sense that this is one of the MOST STUPID IDEAS EVER is not proof enough, apparantly.


I sent it to Toshiba, they gave it back in exactly the same state, and said 'oh run the recovery discs'

Fuck that.

I don't think I have them, and also, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO. I don't care if it's easy, I am not a computer programmer. You are going to do it for me. Which is why I am going to send it back to you, and you are going to do your goddamn job.

What kind of service, takes away your computer, and gives it back to you, all cleaned with a sponge, and then says 'fix the internal problem yourself?'

Ssd thing is I knew that they were going to do that. Ages ago. But no one listens to me, again. I should just stop offering my advice. It's not like anyone can hear me.


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