Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Oh dear Me Rant

Argg! What is it with people having a distinct and all consuming LACK of basic book knowledge? I kind of despair, and am kind of amused at the same time, when someone goes and does or says something really really stupid, especially when they have been doing the same thing for years.

Like today, I was talking to someone who just bought themselves this interesting looking book. They had it wrapped up in plastic, saying that it was a rare first edition and was published in the 80s. I looked at it, saw that it was shiney and new, and inwardly went '....uhh...'

So I asked to have a look at it, and determined that it was first printed in 2000, and this was a reprint fron 2003, and was a third printing. And then, inwardly '...uhh...' went to ' How how how did you come to that insane conclusion??'

And they disagreed and pointed at the printing page, and said "No, that means it's a first edition from the 80s."

It would have been all well and good, if they weren't pointing at the Isbn number. And also if the Isbn number, didn't have 'ISBN NUMBER' written next to it in those big fuck off capitals that they usually are. It must have had the numbers 1 and 80 written in it somewhere. I can only presume that, I didn't actually see, I was too busy going


and occasionally


and then I finally went


and wandered away to find a happy place.

I particularly like, the auctions that you see on ebay, for Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.I regularly check them, out of desire to mock people with more money than brains, and also out of some kind of pity. People fleece other people out of their money all the time, they do, and it does make me sad. I can't really do anything about it, because all they do is use clever or suggestive wording. Well most of the time they do, sometimes they really don't and that is when it is funny.

....and due to sod's law, I just looked on ebay and found no real examples that back up my point. Soddit. Maybe the stupid people that I speak of all walked into a lamppost and lapsed into a coma or something. Aw. Shame. My life feels meaningless now, I have less people to mock. Ah well, there's always the emo children. Goddamn munchkins. Yeah.

But I have seen some proper hilarious examples...such as 'Rare Harry Potter first edition *mumblemumblemumblethirtythirdprintingmumblemumble* RARE book, bid strong today! And then, of course, people do. I saw something like that go for about £100 once. Oh dear me. Thirty third printing, eh? Well you don't see many of those. In fact they are so rare, that I am going to cough in a genuinely astonished manner that may even contain some kind of subtle dainty subliminal message that, against my usual naturally calm, reserved, and non biased judgement, illustrates my extreme astonishment at finding such a rare and valuble book on ebay, and also expresses my sincerest wellwishes to you for for uncovering such a lucky find and thus so rightfully so pouring all your resources into it like that. Ahem. *coughcoughYOUFUCKINGMORONcoughcoughahem*


'Scuse me.


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