Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Oh my gawsh

I'm a headcase. No really, I am. My brain is just not right. If I bite your head off for you telling me that you love me, that's just the crazy talking. Please ignore it. Or stab the frontal lobe of my brain with some kind of sense inducing fluid, oh please do.

Thanks for the comments Benny and Dobby. I think Benny told me how to reply to them once, but, umn, I got distracted by something shiney, and forgot how to. I'll figure it out sometime, eventually.

I think I might be suffering from a paradox. I am not sure.

Speaking of, I ate one of those a while ago. A paradox, I mean. See I had made some baked potatoes earlier in the day, and then I put some spare ones in the fridge for eating later. Then later I felt peckish, and went and got one out of the fridge, and decided to be lazy and just eat it as it was, I felt like such an Irish bumpkin. Which is half right. Anyway. My friend asked me what I was doing.

Them: What are you doing?

Meh: Eating a raw baked potato.

Them: Raw baked potato?

But that's impossible, if it's raw, then it's not baked, and if it's baked,
then it's not raw. It's like a paradox. And now my head hurts.

Meh: No by raw I mean I am eating it on it's own and I didn't add anything
to it like you usually do and now that you mention it, that is a paradox.

Meh: .....


Meh: ....paradoxes taste nummy.

Umn, so yes, paradoxes, are good to eat.

But I am suffering from one. I don't think that it is because I ate one, unless I like absorbed it through my intestine or something...yeah let's not go there, I can do philiosophy but not biology.

I am suffering from insomnia and hypersomnia at the same time. I suffer from insomnia when I need to sleep, for example, oh, say, night, and I suffer from hypersomnia when I need to be awake. For example, oh, say, the daytime.


Is it because I brought your validty and very existence into question, karma? And called you a fuckwad? Oh wait I didn't do that one. Ah well, I meant to. Fuckwad. Well I stand by my earlier comments. Screw you, you complete bitch.

...I'm such an angry person. You wouldn't think it to look at me, honestly.


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