Monday, January 16, 2006

Staples and Stuff

I have a thought. A thought for the day even. It consists of some advice. Good, practical, and valuable advice. Take it if you want to, to discard it if you see fit. It is as follows. Should you ever be doing something, say, repairing some item of stationary that has unfortunately broken. And then, you have a thought run through your head. If the thought, however flippant, is ‘Heh, I give it ten seconds before I staple my thumbs.’ Or something similar, then my advice is, put the item down, and walk away. Do not turn back. Buy a new item.

Do you know why? Because to put it frankly, you will injure your thumbs, dumbass. And by injure I mean staple. And my dumbass, I mean me.

Don’t worry; the above didn’t really happen to me.

Nah, it took me about three seconds, not ten.

*ish sitting here with plasters on her thumbs*

Smart people – buy new staplers. Dumb people – try to fix their own by applying pressure to the part of the stapler that has come apart, which results in them putting their thumbs over the part where they staples come out in the process. And getting stapled. Duh.

Be a smart person kiddies. Have a nice day!


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