Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Underworld Twwooooo!!

ACK!! Underworld! Underworld twwwoooooo!!

I am obsessed with the Underworld film. I have all the DVD editions, I have the poster, the soundtrack, including the songs not on the official soundtrack, all three of the novels, and Underworld bookmark that I made, and I even have a fabulous Underworld coat. I have watched it about 124 times, and I watched it with my friend last night. I am so obsessed with the werewolves, that I have daydreamed about constructing one of the suits many many times. Tatopoulos is my god. I forget how many times I watched the trailer, and I am trying to locate the new soundtrack. I am even, going to be uncharacteristic and squeal like an obsessed fangirl.Cover your ears.


Okay I am done now.

And so I have been anticipating the new film for aaages. It came out here on the 20th January. And it is playing all over the country! Hooray! Halleluyah, I have been thinking of little else. It's an 18 this time, so it should be good!

But it's not playing in Lancaster. Nope. Not a one. The nearest place to me where it is showing is 100 miles away. No kidding.

I have checked all the cinemas in Lancaster, there are big ones, and small ones. There are a few Apollos, and a Regent, and a Dukes, and they are pretty much playing all the other big films that are out now. But not a one is playing Underworld Evolution!! So I checked all of the cinemas that I know, back where I live, and the surrounding area. And they are all playing it!

It is like a big black Underworldless hole a hundred mile radius from where I sit. *clutches head in hands* Arrrrrr!! I cannot have possibly commited such a horrible crime to deserve to be at the centre of an Underworldless black hooooolle!

*mumbles about black holes* Arrrrr.

By the way, if you have seen it and ruin it for me, I will actually hunt you down and force you to eat your own viscera.


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