Saturday, February 18, 2006


Students should not be allowed access to loud speakers. I can hear Maroon Five (they suck, by the way) Prodigy (they're good, but I don't want to hear them from YOU) and some unidentifiable non stop bass from god knows where. All this is through at least two doors, and possibly through walls too.

If I put a glass of water down on the floor, it would vibrate like in Jurassic Park.

There's a reason I have headphones, you insensitive fucks. So that whenever I feel like blowing my head off with dangerously loud music, I can do it without pissing off everyone within a three mile radius. You do it all day, and you do it all night too. I want to work/relax during the day, and I want to sleep at night. I rarely do any of these, but that's not the point. I will say it again. You insensitive fucks. Don't you have any idea how much you annoy people?

Stop blaring your music through my door and yours. Wear headphones instead. Is that too much to ask that you give a shit about other people's sanity? Would you invade my personal space? No. Then why the hell are you invading my personal sound space? This is my bedroom. Ergo, I have NOWHERE ELSE TO GO in order to get away from it.

Noise pollution is a real serious stress causer. Especially prolonged or uncontrollable noise pollution. So much in fact, that we study how much noise pollution causes stress and stress related illnesses. It's a Key Topic. That says something.

I hate inconsiderate people. I hate people who stand outside your door and shout all day. (and I mean, all day, and all night...) I don't care if it's the culture in the country you come from, I don't care if you are a naturally loud and vocal and extroverted nationality, we're not in your country, you're in MY country now, you will either shut the hell up or at least turn down the decibels. I am sick of hearing all the people you let into my goddamned flat screaming at each other with laughter all night.

It wouldn't be so bad if I did stuff to them and they were getting their own back. I do nothing to them. I am quiet as a mouse, rarely leave my room, respect the fact that silence is preferable at nighttime, and never leave mess of any kind in the goddamn social areas.

And I'm in the shittiest mood ever and my best friend is out of the country so I can't call her and complain...

I hate my flat. Go and contract laryngitis, you noisy unwelcome fuckers. Or go back to your own noisy country. I'd like that.

Yes I sound like a xenophobe. It happens when 95% of all the people who give you aggro, are foriegn.


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