Saturday, February 04, 2006

My responses from stuff

I get some quite good responses to my drawings, every now and then, and I record the best ones. And by record, I mean, I make a slightly more than average attempt to remember them. Yeah I am too lazy to make an actual note...I need minions for that sort of labour.

So in order of awesomeness, here are my top three responses that I recieved upon shpwing people my drawings so far.

Number Three -

"That leopard is turning into a sketched orgasm." - concerning my big buff muscled leopard man that I am drawing.

Number Two -

*screams* - Yes, yes, I made someone scream. No really. I feel slightly bad, actually. How was I to know that she actually had a deep dark mortal phobia of the Grim Reaper, before I grabbed her elbow and waved my really detailed drawing of the Grim Reaper in her face?? Honestly! She should tell me these things.

Aaaand Number One -

"She looks like a Disney fox. But on herion." - the comment I got about my drawing of a rather cool female werewolf. Sure she looked a bit haggard and tired and could possibly look like she was on herion...yet she also looked Disneyish. Love the contrast.


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