Tuesday, February 07, 2006


I have stuff to say but I don't care...I want to write it, but there's too much of it. Mostly I am sick of the amount of homophobia in the world, and this country, when you pay attention, you will see that it comes in more forms than you can count.

...but I don't have the energy to write about it right now. It's too horrible.

My shoulder hurts like fuck, I did something stupid this morning, which was, to rotate it three times *shock horror! What was I thinking!* and now it feels like I have dislocated it again. It's crunching and snapping and grinding in it's socket and I can barely move it...furthermore, I have a tootheache again, and I cannot rely on painkillers forever. I am going to have to travel all the way home, and see if I can get anything done about it...not that to go and have painful crap done to your teeth is much incentive to buy a coach ticket that costs £26, sit on a coach for seven hours, get home, be miserable, fight to get an appointment with the dentist, and then go and enjoy pain.

....I don't wanna. There is no good in that scenario.

But my tooth does hurt, and everyone knows that tooth pain can reduce grown men to tears. It's not very nice.

Nor is the snapcrunchcrackpopcrunchcrunchgrindchhhcchhhhhh noise that my shoulder is making. I shall never move it again.It's not like I really need my right arm, anyway. I've got another arm attached, I'm practical like that. In fact, if I was actually wondering around with a broken shoulder, I would not be surprised. It feels that way, and it sounds it too.

[emo]I am just a big ball of pain.[/emo]

I am going to go and sleep.


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