Thursday, March 30, 2006


This this this this is what happens when

I stay up all night and

Find an old art program that I like and

Spend three quarters of an hour in front if it and

Strain my finger so much on my touchpad it feels like it wants to die and

Press save.


Aximili is not impressed with your foolishness. Oh no he is not.

(Aximili is a character from the books series Animorphs....Animorphs rocks, don't argue with me, I am sleepy and incoherent, nyeh...Ax is an Andalite...this is an Andalite....Click me.

Andalite.<---that's a link click it, and then move the dial on the left from slow to fast

I could do more


But but but


I'm going to bed.

*passes out*


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