Wednesday, March 15, 2006


have been merrily typing my essay for a while now, and it is only now that I have noticed that there is a demon in it. And by 'merrily', I mean I chained myself to my computer so I wouldn't run away and kill myself, and by 'while' I mean three days, and by 'demon', I mean...

American spellcheck.


*holds up cross* Hhhssshhhhhhsssssssss! Get back demon, back into the foul pit of Zs and ors that you came from! There's an American spellcheck on my microsoft word!

I noticed that throughout my essay, it kept telling me that I spelled behaviour wrong, said it was actually 'behavior'. Me, being in a rarely complacent mood, just went along with it. And then after the seventh time I got suspicious, and typed in the word colour, and when I saw the big red line underneath it, did I click. Color? It says color?


Thing is it wasn't like that before, I am so sure that it was English when I got it! And I don't know how to change it. I went to tools, language, and UK...but it is still saying that I spelled stuff wrong! When I type stuff it corrects it for me, like recognise to recognize. Hellllpp! I don't want my spellcheck to Americanize, uh, Americanise me!


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