Wednesday, March 08, 2006

What? Me Punk Now?

If one more person over the net tells me that goth originated from punk, I may have to kill you all. You absolute idiots.

Are you CRAZY?? I mean god, who told you that? Whoever they are, find them and slap them, immediately. that's like saying that Grimms Fairy Tales originated from Harry Potter. Like saying that LOTR originated from Eragon. Like saying that Poe is a wannabe Stephen King. I for one am going to defend the sub culture that I most identify with.

Do you actually think, that goth evolved from a bunch of leather wearing GREEN HAIRED obnoxious rebels with crap music from the 80s? Do you honestly think that it wasn't around before those punks?

Hah....haha. Ha, ha ha ha....hah. You're so cute.

The very notion of the idea that goth originated from punk is just...ludicrous. Just think about it for a minute, please? Goth culture was around not only most famously at the time of the Victorian Romantic movement, but before. It has evolved and diminished and flourished alternatively, since I don't even know when, but has always been here. If goth did not exist before the 1980s, then what the hell is gothic literature? Gothic classical music? Gothic cathedrals? Does the Notre Dame Cathedral look like a PUNK building to you??? What is Edgar Allan Poe, but a gothic poet and author? And Tennyson, too? Who the hell do you think Hildegarde von Bingen is, she's from the 1000s, you know! Gregorian chants mean anything to you? What about the gothic music from the 1300s? What about the gothic art from the pre Renaissance period? Go and read The Lady of Shallot and tell me what kind of literature that is. You say our music came from punk? I say go listen to Tocatta and Fugue in D minor, by John Sebastian Bach, fuckknuckle.

I don't think I can stress enough that goth has been around for many millenia before the word punk was even formulated.

Bastard child of punk, my arse. If you actually think that goth originated from punk, go and slap yourself. Knock yourself out, really.


Anonymous Audree (CottageWitch) said...

You tell them Rae!

8:42 pm  

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