Monday, March 13, 2006


My friend calls me Wolfey because of my obsession with werewolves. I love that nickname. It's right up there with Mistress Lupine, from another friend.

However Wolfey has strange condition where Wolfey talks about Wolfey's self in third person. Wolfey does not know how long the effects will last for, Wolfey say await further notice. In the meantime, feel sorry for poor Wolfey. Wolfey is so desparate for new music, Wolfey downloaded ONLY album on Lusernet which was not RnB or rap. That album is Good Charlotte. Yes Wolfey is listening to Good Charlotte. Wolfey suddenly has urge to pull Wolfey hair over one eye and cut Wolfey wrists. Feel sorry for poor Wolfey.

Girls don't like boys girls like cars and moneeeyyyyyyyyy....

Boys will laugh at girls when they're not funneeeeeeyyyyyyy...

Please kill Wolfey with a sharp blow to the skull asap. I await your mercy.


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