Saturday, April 29, 2006


The release of the Lord of the Rings films has changed our entire nerd culture. It has caused the birth of a whole new generation of nerds. I for one find them fascinating. We officially have new nerds. What have happened to our Trekkies? They are slowly disappearing while the Tolkien generation takes over the world. Who are the Tolkien generation? You will know them by the large black T Shirt with some LOTR related motif on it such as ‘My friend went to Mordor and all I got was this lousy T Shirt’ or some inscription in Elvish. The Elvish font can be distinguished by the fact that it looks as if several spiders have crawled onto the page and fallen over and died. These new nerds also like to wear a bronze ring hanging round their neck by a chain, also enjoy sporting lank greasy hair that looks like it has not seen shampoo since the start of the millenium. Sometimes known as the 'Aragorn do'.

These are the new nerds. The old nerds have been usurped. The old nerds used to ask their girls around them if they could pronounce their name in Klingon. But these new nerds, they ask the poor long suffering females if they can pronounce their name in Elvish. I think it went something like this:

Nerd/1990s and before - "Hey, doll, wanna hear your name in Klingon?"

“Uh, actually I have this..thing that I -”

“Tavana Azetbur Aperokei. Gurr.”

"...I have to go now."

"..I'll be waiting."

Nerd-2000s – “Hey, doll, wanna hear your name in Elvish?”

“Gosh darn, y'know there's this thi - ”

“Idril Culnámo Elanessë.”


Neither attempt resulted in what the vast majority of the population like to call ‘pulling'. But this is not the point. This is the point. Gone! Are the pointy ears and angular blue suits. In! Are the broadswords and the chainmail. he question is, which nerd do you prefer? And which nerd shall come next?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the metal nerds will rise again.

6:55 pm  
Anonymous Damir said...

I no longer anonymous.

6:56 pm  

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