Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Visser Three again

I did a scribble in my English lecture. It was about Wordsworth, I think, I am not sure. It was boring. So I started doodling. This is me being bored/trying to stay awake/getting biro all over my fingers because THAT'S SO FUN and stuff. Ehm, it won't make any sense if you haven't read the Animorphs series by KA Applegate.

Don't you sometimes just want to go for a good old run? And sometimes, if you are really daring, go for a good old leap? Visser Three does. Visser Three was having a hard time of it, poor hellslug bent on world domination that he was. He sometimes felt like he was unpopular, like he had no friends. Don't you just hate that? Alloran was the only one close to him, and he regularly told him to go roll under the foot of an overweight Jubba Jubba. So it didn't really count.

He couldn't help decapitating anything that spoke. It was a nervous twitch, and he's had it since he was a young Yeerk. He was very sensitive about it. But still no one understood.

Visser Three sighed.

Only yesterday, Sub Visser Fifteen, had said that his fur was poofy! Now Visser Three could take some criticism. He could understand people saying that his fur was fluffy, yes. Even wild! He could even accept dishevelled to the point of anarchy. But poofy? Well that was just mean.

And so Visser Three ran. And leaped! He was just a big blue puppydog really. And when no one was looking...he frolicked.

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