Saturday, July 01, 2006

Random Shoutouts

I have a few things to say. Some are to specific people who I know will read and acknowledge, some are to anyone who cares.

Firstly, to Luke. Aka The Reverse Victorian Woman, My Flatmate, The Small Creature, The Kiwi Penis. (don't ask) Have a great time in the Lake District, and take care when you spend your summer in Spain. If you don't go into at least one art museum I will kill you. Also, since you asked me to mention you in my blog, if you don't comment within a month or so, I will track you down and kill you some more. I know where to find you. I'll just follow the goddamned Lynx smell and the cookie crumbs. Like in a fairytale.


But I will still kill you. Email me and tell me how you're doing, bitch.

To Aaron - I haven't written an entry on The Guns as of yet. I might do when inspiration hits me. Or I might just invent more girly names for them and emasculate you further. You just never know with me. But then again, you are an honourary woman/lesbian, so it's okay.

To Josh - it's a bun. It has always been a bun, and always will be. It is only a doughnut, if it has a hole in it. If it has no hole, it is a bun. This fact is now published on teh interwebz, therefore, it must be true.

To anyone who cares - Mixing tea and coffee together is good. It brings nice things to the tastebuds. My friend came up with the name 'Cofftee' which made me laugh for a shameful amount of time. Like, for more than five seconds. Alas.



Also, this is funny. Laugh.

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Over and out


Anonymous yian said...

I came across your blog at Lebatron's Blog, and just love it. The English Language article was amazing, you are a genius, well maybe. After that article i had to read the rest of the rants. Although it has been a while since i read the flea (and i am terrible in english) i am pretty sure that was NOT his logic.

5:32 am  
Anonymous yian said...

I loved the thoughts at 1, but adding two negatives makes a negative, not a positive. -3 + -5 = -8. So assuming negative to be wrong and positive to be right, then then when you add to wrongs, you get a further wrong. If you have a wrong, and add a right, the situation becomes less wrong. -3 + 5 = 2. So, two wrongs make things worse, which i believe is usually the case outside mathematics. Still, interesting contradictions.

5:47 am  
Blogger The Raevyn said...

I've not been called a maybe genius before, it's very appreciated indeed. It's far better than an definate not-genius, I thank you.

John Donne was...interesting. You're right, that was probably not his logic at all, and those were probably not the thoughts that he had running through his head at the time. Rest assured I did not write anything similar to that in my essay.

..actually, I kind of did. I suspect that this was the reason my essay was described as 'lively'. To be honest, I was so insanely sick of metaphysical poetry, and poetry in general, that I couldn't help myself. I do snipe at authors something awful when I am subjected to them for too long against my will. It has been quite a few months since I was writing my essay, so -

I apologise, John Donne, you are not quite the backwards five year old that I described you as after all.

However you still should have chosen a romantic analogy that did not involve a bloodsucking parasite.

Ah, poetry.

3:58 pm  
Blogger The Raevyn said...

Oh, holy crap, you are right. Adding two minuses does indeed make a further minus.

Damn. There goes a substantial portion of all my insomnia induced waffle. Ah well, I am going to take some comfort in the fact that I have not seriously attempted anything mathamatical since my GCSEs, and they would have been in the middle ages, oh, 2001 sometime.

Thank you for pointing it out.

4:03 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bruhahaha! I lurve the comic.

Come back the the Court! I miss you!!!


5:23 pm  

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