Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm living in a bloody zoo

There's a tarantula behind the microwave, a mouse in my wall, and an ambigous lizard/reptile/newt/i have no fucking clue what it is on the kitchen floor. There was a frog in the toilet, but he's gone now. Oh, help.

I didn't tackle the spider thing because I could see his mandibles from six feet away, I am not kidding. I can't get the mouse in my bedroom wall because, well, he's in the wall and I am not intangible. I got the newty thing though, he was cute. Not meant to be on the kitchen floor though, I almost stood on him. Although I would have been distressed about this, I bet I wouldn't have been as upset as him. I named him Agememnon.

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^ Just a normal day in my house, everybody.


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