Thursday, October 26, 2006

Who says students don't learn stuff at University?

The following announcement was stolen from a noticeboard in a coffee shop on my campus, stowed away under my jumper while I scurried through the rain, and is now here for the personal amusement of many. It is a genuine informative artifact, and has not been altered by me in any way. 'Cept the raindrops.

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The best part, is they even sprinkle little apostrophes on top of the paninis, for an extra 20p.


What I want to know is, howcome the teas, coffees, paninis, and toasties get apostrophes, but the crisps and snacks don't.


Blogger Charlie said...


9:02 pm  
Anonymous The Famous Col said...

It's the rampant, unashamed and consistent capitalisation that i love

6:59 pm  
Anonymous DV said...

...its the drugs in the water...

...must explain the dancing Madonna sheeps i keep seeing every night...

10:36 pm  

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