Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Lion King and Tall Men

In recent developments, I have given myself Repetitive Strain Injury by drawing this bastard with a touchpad and MSPaint -

"Long live the King!" <--- Link

No really, my left arm swelled up. It hurt like fuck, if you'll excuse my french.

And I have also learned that despite the fact that Colin is about six foot tall, he can still fold himself into a space as large as a two pence piece. I, for one, am confused.

I have updated my MSPaint doodles gallery on the left, and now I am now going to go and try and get the feeling back in my arms.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it may be all worth it. It's a cool pic. Although, at the moment, with your arm all hurting, you may disagree.


6:23 pm  
Anonymous DV said...

...certain one of Voldermort's friend's didn't pay you a late night visit?...

9:58 am  
Blogger Charlie said...

Shiny. =D

9:47 pm  

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