Sunday, April 29, 2007

Quotes of the Week, part 5

Sophie - "Where were we?"

Me - "I was brandishing my somewhat painful forearms and shamelessly looking for sympathy for the injuries that my own desire to create has wrought upon me."

Sophie - (is sympathetic)


Benny - "You frogged it! You frogged it!!"


Me - "I think I may have accidentally glued my unicorn to a plate. This is most unprofessional. And also not the first time."


Benny - "Having balls is like having breasts in your pants."


Me - "The bin needed a headbutt, you reminded it that it's mortal."


Benny - "Aw, you'll be out here waiting for me with warm arms!" (pause) Wait a second..."


Josh - "For a while I had a thing (haven't done it in ages) but if I wanted to slightly unnerve somebody for some reason, I would lean in and say in a weird voice '...imagine a laughing poodle...with human hands.'"


Josh - "Also, I have aniseed. Mmmmm...aniseed."

Me - "Oh! I forgot to look for aniseed! Damn you!"



Josh - "All this is pretty much entirely your fault."

Me - "Oh, you always blame me for everything regardless of whether I had anything to do with it!"

Josh - "Duh."


Me - (about The L Word) "Every time I look at it, all I can think is - 'Shane is fucking the Terminatrix.' And then I think 'No! Shane! Get away from her! She'll kill you! She'll kill yoouu!!'"


Josh - (about the Terminator) "Your robot phobia is kind of cute. I never found them creepy. Metal skeletons just kind of look a little too corny to be scary."

Me - "Maybe. I expect he'd give you a little chill if he was crushing your skull between his fingers, though. As these antisocial things are prone to do."

Josh - "Well yes if he was actually in the process of killing me I'd probably be a little upset. If Winnie the Pooh was choking me to death with an inner tube, I'd feel the same way. Doesn't mean Winnie is creepy. Although the idea of him murdering people kind of is..."

Me - "I think you'll be okay. Winnie doesn't have opposable thumbs, as far as I can see."

Josh - "Well potentially he could just grip the garroting wire between two specially designed pads and use that to kill me."


Josh - "Anyway."


Josh - (about not having a nickname) "You're holding me back."

Me - "Nuh uh!"

Josh - "Yuh huh! It's your lack of willingness to indulge in crazy shenanigans that has resulted in my not having a nickname! Way to go."

Me - "I indulge in crazy shenanigans! I...sometimes put two teabags into the tea. That's a shenanigan and it's crazy!!"

Josh - "See!? That's exactly what I'm talking about! Why don't you ever want to indulge in crazy shenanigans like that with me?! You never put two teabags into the pot when I'm around, do you?"


Me - "I'm not sure why I'm talking about Buffy so much, I'm feeling nostalgic, I think."

Sophie - "Nah, that's fine! I'm sure you need to exercise your Buffy muscle. You've hardly talked about it."

Me - "It's a big muscle, definately. (remembering that Sophie loves puns) Now if you were a bloke, you'd make some godawful pun. But it is. I know lots of stuff, and it must out sometimes."

Sophie - "Alice, you should know that, apparently, the tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body. Therefore, I am perfectly able to make a godawful pun and remain entirely female. And indeed, entirely gay."

Me - "...that's amazing."