Sunday, September 16, 2007

Unicorns and Leopardman and death threats in unreadable font...oh my

It's time for some new art. Apologies for the whole lack of anything resembling large quantities of writing as of late - it appears I'm just not pissed off enough to write things about it at the moment. If you want to help, you could trip me the next time you see me. Or tell me that werewolves suck and ravens are ugly, or that The Terminator is a low-brow generic sci fi action movie of little intelligent content - all things guaranteed to send me into a small towering rage. Or just steal my hat.

Don't steal my hat. I will kill you.

In fact, if you do steal my hat, I'll kill you, and then resuscitate you before the pivotal eight minutes have passed in order to ensure that you don't acquire brain damage. That way you'll be of sound mind and perfectly conscious as I kill you harder.

Anyway, I have done absolutely sod all interesting, so here's a pretty pikter instead. This MSPaint adventure was a birthday gift for a woman very important to me. This is Uni

Uni <--- Link

Uni is based on a plasticine model that was completed a year ago, for said woman's previous birthday Link Link2






And secondly, there's a new art trade too. And when I say new, I mean ancient, but I've only just uploaded it. It's in the gallery to the left. Link

And finally, I would like to include a small shoutout and a general internet wave for charmed and DV and MM and foo and Stripes and Charlie, they know who they are. And any other otherworlders (hee...other otherworlders) who frequent.

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Blogger Charlie said...

Ahhh! Pretty-pretty artwork! It's been awhile since I commented on your art so I think it's full justified that (yet again) I tell you that you are obscenely talented! And I think the universe would probably implode if it were any other way =)

(Also it should be noted that the waving gif got a real-life wave back, or rather my laptop screen did but the thought was there!)

Yey for shout-outs! =)

7:28 pm  
Anonymous foo said...

Beautiful as always pretty birdie.

10:56 pm  
Anonymous DV said...

...i wonder if i could base my artist research for Visual Arts class on the crimally insane....

...ah i mean! - awwwwwww huggsssssssssssssssssssssss...


ps - note i have facebook now so no exucse to not talk to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

...yes im petty like that, just deal with it as Pink would sing eheheheh....

6:03 pm  
Anonymous Rose White said...

*waves back*

Hey birdie!

7:30 pm  
Blogger Victoria Gothic said...

Wicked site. Though the Raven calls nevermore, what is his other phrase of choice, and how many stanzas is the actual word nevermore used in the same context? Oh, such things the mind of Poe on opium did not dwell upon but inbued to us nonetheless.

8:52 pm  

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