Sunday, December 02, 2007

What does Raevyn have in common with Jodie Marsh?

An hour ago, my flatmate walked into my room and asked to borrow my computer. I acquiesce, seeing as hers had recently gone spectacularly kaput. Up until one hour ago, I trusted my flatmate.

While I sit on my bed, leaving dear cohabitual friend to her own devices, the following exchange plays out.

Ginny: "What's your email address?"

Me - (gives her my email address)

Ginny *taptaptap* "When's your birthday?"

Me - "The ninth of March."

Ginny - *taptaptaptaptap*

Me - "...are you stealing my identity?"

Ginny (shiftily) - "Nnno..."

Me - "What are you doing?"

Ginny - "Nnnnoothiiing."

Me - "......"

Ginny - *taptaptaptaptaptap*

Me - "What are you doing?"

Ginny - *tiny sound of mirth*

Me - "...."


Ginny - "She really needs to update this site."

Me - "Who needs to update what site?"

Ginny - "hahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

Me - (finally loses patience and jumps up to see what's so funny)

Ginny - "Congratulations, you're now a proud member of the Jodie Marsh fansite."

Me - "No! I trusted you!!"

Join now.


Anonymous Benny said...

"There just isn't another celeb website like it!"

lols, she got u good

11:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Oh dear! At least she didn't hijack your facebook (should you have sold a portion of your soul to them, like me ...)

6:43 pm  
Anonymous Mr. Stripes said...

That hideously garish woman also known as Jodie Marsh. Dispense some justice. Come get some shoulder when you're done.


5:29 pm  
Blogger nochildofmine said...

I want to know everything about lycanthropy! Please get back to me via comment. I like the way you spell Raevyn. Did that just come to you, or was it a sign.

5:43 am  
Blogger Jay said...

I was in stitches reading that, pretty Raevyn bird! Your wit is something I read with a joy that is unparalleled.


5:18 am  
Anonymous DV said...

...May 27th is too long without an update - being kidnapped by Kate Beckansale, Amy Lee and Shakira to partake in a nude pagan ritual would be the only acceptable reason fo such delay - and even then proof is required.....

....two months of seven sinning photography theme and dancing lake ladies watercolour creation makes DV a overexhausted dull boy....

9:35 pm  

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