Monday, June 16, 2008

I Live!

Upon request from a vast, simply incalculable amount of devoted fans (a whole two people) I have decided to add an update to my blog. This is to prove that I still reside on this mortal coil.

Unfortunately, right at this moment I have bugger all to say. Oh, I just completed a degree, but I'll wait until results day to either rave about it or cry. In different news, I have been plagued with a metallic taste in my mouth for two days. Naturally, I consulted the great and infallible oracle (the internetz) on the subject, and it transpires that there are many many possible reasons for a metallic taste in the mouth. These include -

Mercury poisoning
Eating fish
A rotten tooth
Damage to the tongue
A kidney infection
Electric toothbrushes (???)
A poorly manufactured filling
Electromanetic fields



So right now I could potentially be dying from about ten different things, which sounds terribly exciting. If I do die, I wish for my epitaph to say that I died in a violent fight to the death with a vicious killer robot sent back from the year 2029 on a mission to eliminate mankinds' only chance for survival in the vicious apocalpytic battle to occur 'twixt man and machine in a 21 years time. Say he had me in a headlock, and we all thought it was hopeless until I jammed a home-made bomb into his metal spine and detonated it, sacrifing my life but saving humanity in the process.

Not death by an electric toothbrush. Please. Thank you.


Yuk. I feel like I'm chewing a spoon.