Saturday, October 17, 2009

I have ghost footage

I decided to share something that happened to me today.

Wandering about in a city, I found a medieval pub named The Well House, opposite a cathedral. It's named as such because it has a haunted cellar with a large well in it. It's infamous, because hundreds of years ago a nun and a monk from said cathedral fell in love, and, knowing they were unable to do anything about it, both jumped down the well and were shattered to pieces. Not only this, but in the 1960s two boys dared each other to spend the night down there alone. One did, and in the morning he was found curled up shivering in the corner with pale shrunken clammy skin. They rushed him to hospital but he died upon arrival.

So being a bit dumb I naturally ran down the steps like I'd seen sweeties.

Round the corner, there's a big ol' noticeable SKELETON just lying in the wall, protected by glass. It's shattered into pieces and just about recognisable as a person. The face is smashed and dissolving into the dust and stones, and the ribs are arranged into as best a ribcage you can make with broken bones.

For as long as anyone can remember, it was said that the bones on display in the Well House basement cellar were those of a young woman who died from the Black Death plague in the 14th century. Analysis by archaeological pathologists at King Alfred's College, Winchester, however, has revealed that the skeletal remains, in fact, belong to two people. Could this discovery throw light on one of the city's most tragic love stories? For generations, the story of how a certain John the monk and Martha the nun had thrown themselves down the well in Cathedral Yard to enjoy a union in death was part of the city's rich historical tapestry. This grim discovery seems possibly to give some historical credence to the legend...

So being a morbid bone collector, I ambled over to the skellington (by amble I meant I went ooooooohhh and ran over to it) and stared filming him/her. It was really dark and my camera isn't excellent, so you could barely make it out. Anyway, it filmed okay. Then later, while sitting in the bus station, I play it back and suddenly for a split second the camera goes nuts and it all flashes bright white, like a film negative. The bones are black and the stones are white. My phone's not broken and it's never blipped like that while recording before. Also I've no function on it to change a picture to invert the colours. I jumped and played it back. It repeats. I sit there going 'Oh crapohcrapohcrap I'm gonna get haunted by a skeleton' for a while.

Did I p**s them off?

Then things got even more strange..







'Cos I remembered that my friend was stood behind me taking a photo of the skeleton with a camera with a flash. It made my screen go BLIP and then return to normal.



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