Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Insert witty title here

Mood: Photobucket Okay
Listening to: Ava - Avantis - Avantays - I can't pronounce their name. They're good, alright
Reading: Twilight (OW MY EYES), and The Werewolf's Guide to Life (very practical).
Watching: The Nostalgia Critic
Playing: Theme Hospital
Eating: Potatooes
Drinking: Cream soda

Chris/Deviathan[EVE Online] says:
i usually just run past them to my apartment
i can't help it if i'm afraid of getting robbed, there's weekly police reports emailed to us
all the suspects are described as black males, in their 20s, average height, average weight
except there was one white guy once
that was breaking into girls' bedrooms
and just watching them sleep

[b][BoT][/b] Jack says:

Chris/Deviathan[EVE Online] says:
and if they woke up and saw him, he apparently thought he could go hide in the corner and they wouldnt see him

[b][BoT][/b] Jack says:
That'd creep me the fuck out

Chris/Deviathan[EVE Online] says:
lol, no kidding
he didn't rape anybody, but that would probably be the next step for him

The Raevyn says:
I know that dude
He's called Edward Cullen

[b][BoT][/b] Biscuit says:

The Raevyn says:


In other news,



Should not have been removed from the computer.

I need a new computer. Ever since The Great Drop of 09, it hasn't been the same.

Any offers?


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