Saturday, June 05, 2010

I'm new and improved and multicoloured

Mood: Photobucket Too damn hot. Is too damn hot a mood?
Listening to: Penduluuuuuummmm
Reading: Books about books
Watching: Britain's Got Talent
Playing: GTA Chinatown Wars
Eating: ..gherkins
Drinking: Coke. It's bad, I know



Those weird coloured things are my arms.

How did this happen, gentle reader? Allow me to explain.

The route to town from here is about a mile and a half. It consists mostly of one long main road. I walk this route, there and back, almost every day. The road runs north.

When I walk in in the morning, the sun has just risen and is therefore in the west, and since I am walking north it is on my left. It beats down on my left arm while I walk.

When I walk back in the evening, the sun is setting, in the west. And since I'm now facing south, the sun is on my left, while I walk, again. My right arm never faces the sun.



Throw in the fact that the bracelet that my sister gave to me for my birthday is making my skin green, and the fact that I always wear wristbands, and you've got one white right arm, and a left arm that's brown with a green bracelet and a white wrist. I hate you, sun.

I'm gonna start walking backwards.


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