Thursday, October 17, 2013

I just read about this cool myth, it's an urban legend about this man named the Smiler. I'm pretty well-read but I'd never heard about this one before.

No one is completely sure what he looks like because it's nearly impossible to see him.

The Smiler is a man who stands behind you in the part of the vision that you can't see. He's got a permanent grin that extends past the sides of his face, showing each and every one of his bright white teeth. His wide bloodshot eyes always face forwards, and he has no eyelids and so can never blink. The Smiler always leans forward with his fingers outstretched hovering motionless just centimetres away from the back of your head. He has no reflection and no matter how fast you turn around, he will always remain behind you. Reports say that you can never be sure when he's there, except for the funny feeling that there's someone watching you. Some say the skin on the back of your neck prickles with the sensation of having cold fingers suspended so close to you, yet never touching. Some say that the temperature in the room drops ever so slightly, and some say that they suddenly feel fear drop into their stomach like a dead weight.

The good news about this man is that there is only one of him and he is only ever in one place at one time. The bad news is that as soon as someone learns of his existence, he will instantly appear behind them and he won't leave until that person tells of his existence to someone else.

I'm so sorry.