Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This is Ironic, Alanis

Am I the only one who thinks it's funny that after spending 1000 pages detailing the shallowness of glamour, the evil way in which high-fashion is used to distract people from the real problems in the world, the monstrous horror and slavery caused by consumerism and finally presenting the capitalist arch-villains of the tale as people so heavily made-up that they look like inhuman freaks..'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' film is now being sponsered by a makeup range from Covergirl?

 photo Covergirl-Hunger-Games-The-Coal-Mining-District-12-Collection_zps804eeafd.jpg

"Yeah! Now I can have exactly the right shade of eyeliner while I make 12-year olds stab each other in the stomach with machetes! Faaaabulous!"

You too can be like the Capitol.

It's not so bad; it's not like a world-famous fast-food chain has made a sandwich tie-in with a series named The 'Hunger' Games where the majority of people are starving to death. ..oh wait.

"You too can catch fire with our range of 'fiery jalapeno melts*'"

*Serious poverty not included, Subway does not endorse political rebellion

Alanis Morrisette should be singing about this.


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